Cafiesencia also provides workshops for micro-enterprises, community members, schools, teachers, students and consumers in conjunction with other academic,  professional and government institutions.

Forest Stewardship Management Plans

The Forest Stewardship Management Plan Program of the USDA Forest Service has been one of the most successful and beneficial conservation plans in the United States of America.  Its relevance has been validated once again by the recent 2014 Farm Bill passed by Congress and made into law last February.  Yet it presents, as experts noted, a stronger trend of applying conservation practices to working lands.  Cafiesencia, as partner of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) of Puerto Rico and the USDA Forest Service, develops private forest management plans.

The plans addresses landowners objectives while identifying the natural and agricultural capital, opportunities and threats.  It provides recommendations for the ecological, social and economic benefits of conservation practices in the watershed.  Cafiesencia is also developing workshops for the Best Management Practices Forest Stewardship, both in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Rural Community Tourism

Jointly with the Community Board of Rio Prieto, Yauco and the Municipality of Yauco, Cafiesencia helped design the Río Prieto Community Tour emphasizing in the coffee culture hertitage.

The feasibility of such a Project was cofirmed in the “Puerto Rico Coffee Route Feasibility Study” conducted by Cafiesencia.

Coffee Haciendas Historical Landscape

Since its origins, Cafiesencia identified the great contributions of Dr. Luis Pumarada O’Neill and his works in the coffee haciendas inventories and publications. It has been visiting the haciendas and collecting information on its current status. Joined efforts with Biografía de las Riquezas de Puerto Rico to share such information and make it available to everybody.