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Jiba Films

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Jiba Films is a capacity building and documentary production project regarding the Maricao State Forest where Cafiesencia taught high school students from the Urban Superior High School of Maricao and the Laura Mercado Agroecological School of San German how to film a professional documentary. At the same time, students learned about the Nature, Community and History of the Forest and its surroundings. JIBA means mountain/forest in the native indian tainos language. In addition a “making of” program was produced with WIPR, the Puerto Rico National Television.  The documentary and “making of” is being broadcasted by WIPR.

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Forest Stewardship
and Best Management Practices

Cafiesencia, as partner of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) of Puerto Rico and the USDA Forest Service, develops private forest management plans under the Forest Stewardship Program. The plans addresses landowners and farmers objectives while identifying the natural and agricultural capital, opportunities and threats. It provides recommendations for the ecological, social and economic benefits of conservation practices in the watershed utilizing Best Management Practices and its impact in the Landscape.

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Since its origins, Cafiesencia identified the great contributions of Dr. Luis Pumarada O’Neill and his works in the coffee haciendas inventories and publications. It has been visiting the haciendas and collecting information on its current status.

It digitalized Dr. Pumarada O’Neill files on his works with the Haciendas and have them    available for educational and research purposes upon request through our contact page.

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“…through sustainable economic development of agriculture, tourism, historic and natural preservation, education and prevention.”

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