• Coffee and Biodiversity

    Let's keep celebrating our Biodiversity, even though the International Year of Biodiversity, as declared by the United Nations, is over. Let’s become a promoter of conservation, let’s become a forest trooper, let’s become a dog rescuer, let’s get involved with the community (virtual and real), let’s volunteer for beach and river cleanup, let’s reuse.
    During 2012 lets keep “celevincing” (celebrating and convincing) the International Year of Biodiversity. Do it at home, at school, at work, at the park, and always remember that there is an unlimited self for a limited planet, since the “celevincing” starts within each of us. Some have the privilege of choice, others don’t.


    Jump on board

    Coffee has a profound significance in Puerto Rico and its natural features and resourses. Our efforts go to improve and preserve the natural conditions surrounding the coffee grounds, from the mountains and its geological features or cuencas, down to the valley where earth meets the sea. If you would like to jump onboard and help us with our mission, a small donation will be always truly appreciated. Thank you.

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Celebrating Coffee and Biodiversity!


Cafi Cultura Puertorriqueña, Inc. (Cafiesencia) was founded in 2008 by a group of professionals, farmers, academics, community leaders and government employees, who identified the need to raise the quality of life of the coffee zone, valuing its agriculture, natural, historical and human capital and their premier product: specialty coffee, and implementing sustainable practices in the region.

This group of volunteers works together to fulfill the organizations mission – to promote a holistic sustainable vision of the coffee zone. In 2009 Cafiesencia was granted the local tax exemption as an educational non profit organization under the code 1101 (4).

Another objective of Cafiesencia is to document the ancient and modern history of the coffee zone for the educational benefit of the public. If you have any information, photos, documents, testimonials, machinery, articles, or videos that provide relevant data, please share them with us. If you are a coffee farmer, coffee zone resident or love coffee, history, nature, agriculture, or believe you can volunteer in any way to help advance Cafiesencia’s mission, please contact us at

Caribbean Map (XIX)


During the Spanish Rule, Puerto Rico’s location was strategic both for commercial and military purposes. But during the 18th century smuggling of Puerto Rican coffee also flourished in the hands of pirates and corsairs to the point where the Spanish Crown declared it tax free.

The Tahona machine

The Tahona machine, the oldest coffee husking machine or “piladora” used during the 18th century. The one in the picture belongs to Hacienda Santa Clara.